My dad was a truck driver, and a very good painter. Funny huh? But I think that says a lot about why my interests are diverse. It’s why I get people who work for a living, and why I love craftsmanship and mentoring young creatives.

I don’t draw lines between art direction and writing and cinematography and design et all. I see the tactics we use in advertising as tools. So within my work you’ll see art direction, writing, photography, motion direction, illustration. These things are just points on the same curve to me. That’s not to say I have all the answers. I do not. I love working in a team. No matter how good someone is they’re usually better when surrounded by colleagues who inspire them.

And that’s the way the business is today. We all need to be resourceful and adaptable and grow throughout our careers. I’ve worked with some amazing creatives, account people and planners over the years at agencies such as Hal Riney & Partners, DDB New Zealand, and Leo Burnett. Working on brands like ESPN, MCDonald's and Chevrolet has allowed me to do things I never knew possible when I started out.

But the best is yet to come.

My work has appeared in CA, D&AD, Axis Awards NewZealand, The One Show, Cannes, the Clios, and MPA Kelly Finals, but there’s room on the shelf for more.